DeadzTown III - The Last Supper


DeadzTown III - The Last Supper

DeadzTown III - The Last Supper. You wanted the Zombies back and on the 26th of September, they take a bite out of Shepparton for the last time. Think you have the GUTS?!!

Start Date: Thu 26 Sep 2019

End Date: Thu 26 Sep 2019

Venue: KidsTown

Cost: TBA

Are you keen but scared out of your mind?!

If it is the reasonably normal paralysing fear that keeps you away from these events, then we may have a solution for you..

From 5pm till 6.30pm, we are doing "Chicken O'Clock".. So, on the edge of dusk, and comparatively light, you can go through our course, and face our zombies, whilst still being daylight..

Main event from  7pm

If you think you have the guts for the full version, then buy your tickets for later on in the day..

Tickets available soon.
A warning.. don't come alone.

 Tickets available soon

*Entry to KidsTown is a Gold Coin Donation

Contact: for more information.