KidsTown Disc Golf


KidsTown Adventure Playground Disc Golf Course

A new outdoor sport has arrived at KidsTown. Disc Golf offers low impact, aerobic exercise for the whole family while engaging in a combination of traditional golf and ultimate frisbee. Players throw specifically designed golf discs from a tee pad towards and into an elevated target basket within the course area, while avoiding out of bounds penalties. Just like regular golf the aim is to get the disc into the basket with as little throws as possible. Disc Golf is suitable for all ages, individuals, or groups.

Disc Golf is a great sport to get active while being outside in nature. It is easy to learn and challenges a player’s skill and mental strength.

The KidsTown Adventure Playground Disc Golf Course has 9 unique holes to complete. This course is available to use during Dig In Café opening hours from 10am to 3pm weekends and Victorian school holidays. Bookings of up to 5 people at a time can be made online. Please call us to enquire about corporate or school bookings for larger groups.

Bookings Required – BOOK NOW!


  • Disc Golf per person: $5.00
  • Group size 1 – 5 people

Groups bigger than 5 – Please book out two or more time slots to accommodate for your group size.

Large groups – Please call us on 5831 4213 to enquire about large group bookings

What’s included:

  • Your booking time is your secured Tee Off time. Please allow an hour to complete the course.
  • Disc hire (mid-range golf disc or putter available) – 1 per person
  • Mini disc marker - 1 per person
  • Score card and course cap – 1 per group
  • Clip board and pencil – 1 per group

Start location:

Please arrive for check in and registration at the Dig In Café.

What to bring:

Please wear comfortable clothing and enclosed walking or running shoes. Bring a drink bottle and remember to be sun smart. Food and drink, hats, drink bottles, sunscreen and insect repellent are available to purchase from the Dig In Café.

Bookings Required – BOOK NOW!

Walk in’s are only available if we are not booked out. Please book prior to day of arrival to avoid disappointment.




Safety and Courtesy: Always give way to ALL other park users when throwing. Never throw when others are in range. Respect the natural flora and fauna. Keep the course tidy.

Start: Each hole begins with a tee-off throw from the tee pad. After everyone has thrown, the player whose disc is furthest from the basket throws next.

Next Throw: Wherever your disc lands on the fairway is your lie and where you must take your next throw towards the basket. Players may take a run up but you must throw from behind your lie. A follow through is allowed after you release the disc

Putting: Throws which are less than 10m from the basket require players to stay behind your lie until the disc comes to rest

Completion of Hole: A hole is completed when your disc comes to rest in the basket tray or chains. On top of the basket does not count

Playing in Order: When you start each new hole, the player with the lowest score on the previous hole throws first

Out of Bounds: A disc is out of bounds (OB) when it goes over a fence or is surrounded by an OB area as market on the tee sign. A one-throw penalty is added to the score and the next throw is taken from the point where the disc went OB. If a disc comes to rest in a tree, the next throw is played from underneath with no penalty.

The rules of Disc Golf explained:



Find the grip that works for you: power grip, fan grip.

Stand side-on with your shoulders pointing the direction you are going to throw. Turn your body and reach back with a straight arm. Pull the disc through your chest in a straight line. Keep your hand over the disc and make sure to keep your elbow raised up to maximise power. Release the disc on the line you want to throw by allowing your body to swing around, rotating on your foot.

Throw BETTER after this video | Disc Golf Basics 


Find the grip that works for you: forehand power grip, forehand fan grip, split grip, stacked grip.

Stand front-on facing the direction of where you are going to throw. Keep your throwing elbow bent and close to your body with your forearm horizontal. Step forward with the opposite foot to your throwing hand, take a second step forward and place your foot on a 90-degree angle. Take your last step forward, transfer your weight from your back leg to your front leg and use this momentum to initiate the throw.

Throw BETTER forehands after this video | Disc Golf Basics 


Find the grip that works for you: power grip, fan grip.

Stand with your knees slightly bend in a comfortable position with your front foot pointing towards the basket. Shift your weight to your back foot and bring the disc towards your body. In the same motion, shift your weight forward again, spring off your back foot and spin the disc out of your hand towards the basket.

Putt BETTER after this video | Disc Golf Basics


  • Warm up – stretch your body before you start the course
  • Read through the How To Play above and Important information below
  • Always look before you throw
  • When you have completed a hole, follow the arrow on the basket to the next tee.
  • Play hole by hole – don’t worry about how you went at the last hole
  • Slow down and breathe

Bookings Required – BOOK NOW!


  • KidsTown is a functional park and playground, throwers must make sure the path is clear before throwing their disc
  • Respect nature, do not move or damage plants or animals
  • Respect the park and playground equipment
  • At discretion of KidsTown staff specific holes may be out of action during specific events or park bookings.
  • You must not transport the hire equipment to a different location away from the designated activity area during the hire period.
  • All hire equipment remains property of KidsTown Adventure Playground. Please return to the Dig In Café on completion of course. Score Card may be kept by players.
  • Failure to return the hire equipment, or loss or damage to hire equipment will result in charges for the replacement of the non-returned or damaged hire equipment.
  • To avoid disappointment, we recommend you book your disc golf hire online in advance
  • Once a booking has been paid for, refunds will only be issued if Council cancels the booking. Participants will be notified via phone and email if a session will be cancelled.
  • Should you need to cancel a booking, please provide 24 hours’ notice in order to receive a refund.
  • Children under the age of 10 years must be actively supervised by a responsible adult 16 years or older at all times.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the KidsTown Disc Golf Course.