Frequently Asked Questions


If we haven't answered your question below please call us on (03) 5831 4213 or email info@kidstown.org.au


Q. Are we allowed to bring our dog?

A. KidsTown is a no dog zone. Regardless of how small or cute or friendly your dog may be. KidsTown is a safe space for children of all ages to come and engage in outdoor play. Some children are not used to dogs and some dogs are not used to children. Please leave your dogs at home when you visit the playground.


Q. How much is entry?

A. Entry to KidsTown is a gold coin per person.


Q. Are there any public BBQs?

A. There is a double BBQ in the main sheltered area of KidsTown, near the Toddler Area and main swings that is for public use. These BBQs cannot be booked or reserved. Please be considerate of others who may be waiting to use the BBQs also.

Alternatively there are three extra BBQs onsite which can be reserved for a fee. See Area Bookings for more details.


Q. Can I book the picnic tables under the BBQ Shelter next to the Cafe and Toddler Area?

A. The picnic tables in the BBQ Shelter Area are for public use as outdoor seating for the Dig In Cafe and cannot be booked or reserved. Please do not move these tables together. If you need more than one table please consider reserving a picnic area. See Area Bookings for more details.